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Having trouble organising a vasectomy in regional New South Wales? I'm currently performing more than thirty vasectomies per year on patients living anywhere between Parkes, Wagga and Bega.

If you would like to have a vasectomy and are travelling from more than one hour away we have a 'same day' vasectomy service.
You need to give consent to the procedure before the video. You can watch the vasectomy consent video HERE.

A 'same day' vasectomy service means that you can have the consultation and the vasectomy on the same day.

To organise a 'same day' vasectomy either call 02 6109 0000 or fill out this FORM. These appointments cannot be booked online.

Some patients are not suitable for 'same day' vasectomy. Mostly these are patients who have had prior scrotal surgery. If you have had prior scrotal surgery you will need to be examined prior to the planned surgery.